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Jessica Cook

Hair & Make-up have been my passion since I was a little girl in-fact, I can't imagine doing anything else. When I was about 14 years old, i was approached by a "hip downtown" salon owner; to make a long story short, he introduced be to the art that is the fashion world by his magical touch en doing my hair, a few of his beautiful co-workers showed me some very basic make-up tips. By the time I left the salon that first time, I was an entirely new person. Not only in how I felt, but i was able to enhance my look by just a few kind words and basic hints in the hair and make-up game. Shortly after my first visit to the salon, the owner asked me to come do some stage hair modeling at a Redken hair show. It was only moments into the show, that i realized just how much I loved the energy behind stage, and the entire feeling in of industry all together. From that day on, my life changed. I went to hair school at Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design in Utah, They gave me a great outlet to set goals and work towards them, they taught me to stick to what I love and that hard work would eventually pay off. When I was just about to graduate school i was nominated for North American Hair Styling Awards at the young age of 18! It had always been a goal of mine, and it was such a wonderful experience to kick start my career. I then assisted in various states throughout the United States under those who I believed were masters of the art for about 5 years, and shortly after went out on my own! I think that every single day literally up to this very moment I have been thinking about changing someone's life by helping them in any way that i could with there appearance, also just educating myself as much as possible in order to attain the knowledge needed to do so. I have had a lot of experience in this industry in the 9 years I have been a part of it, and cannot wait to see what the next years have to offer. I love it, and as crazy as this seems, I am now feeling the strongest desire I have ever had to make an impact when it comes to the world of hair and make-up! I am now based out of Los Angeles, California doing freelance Hair & Make-up regularly. I am happy to travel for work, and enjoy the opportunities I get in doing so. I am also 100% available to do any and most likely all in salon services. I work at an amazing little boutique salon in the heart of Echo Park in Los Angeles, called Neighborhood Salon.

Specialties: Curly Hair, Blonde Hair, Color Corr.
Education: Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair design
Pricing: $$$
Salon: Neighborhood Salon
Services: Cut, Color, Blow Out, Extensions, Special Occ., Relaxer, Perm, Color Corr., Weave, Straightening